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7.5 Ficus Tree
Bird of Paradise in lightweigh planter
Bird of Paradise in basket
Lush Banana Tree in Metal Planter
Lush Areca Palm in metal planter
Sparse Pepper Tree in metal planter
Ginkgo on Dragonwood in metal planter
Natural Dried Variegated Dracena Tree in Basket
Maidenhair Tree in metal planter
7.5 Pepper Tree in Metal Planter
Ficus Tree
Oak Tree
Dried Natural Dracena 10x4
Dried Variegated Dracena 10x3
Dracena and Grasses on Aloe
Double dracena x3
Dried Natural Petite Dracena x 4
Dried Green dracena 10x4
Lush Fiddle Leaf in Basket
Palm and Greenery in Metal
Grape Tree
12 Kentia Palm in planter
Burgundy Ficus Tree
Variegate Ficus Tree